Hello and welcome back to the blog, Congrats if you’ve just got engaged and the wedding planning has started….how exciting!!!!

Let’s start with, how do you search for the ideal wedding photographer, among thousands of talented suppliers and where do you start?

The best place to start is what wedding photographers are local to you? You can do this by searching literally anything you want on social media now, so have a look through Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok, or Pinterest. However, if you’re not a social media person then I suggest Google, that will be your best friend for now. 

You can use Google to find sites of wedding planning companies within the county that offer a huge range of local supplier directories, a bit like the good old yellow pages e.g 4Cweddingdirectory, hitched, findaweddingphotographer, UKbride, etc. You’ll be presently surprised by what the internet can find nowadays. I came across a site called the wishing well foundation and if you know anyone getting married that is terminally ill, they support them during their wedding planning journey and help achieve there last wish to marry the love of their life and you can find free supplier services to do so. How amazing, it got me super emotional as I thought it was such a beautiful idea. So I signed up as a supplier!

My favourite approach though is the good old fashioned way and ask for wedding photographer recommendations from people you know, then book a cocktail brunch date with your girlfriends or family whoever they’re and spend some time together researching the wedding photographer. It’s good for your mental health to socialise and a fun way to enjoy your wedding planning journey by sharing and discussing your likes and desires rather than staring at your phone or computer browsing the internet for hours on end and feeling overwhelmed with the choices.

So whether you thrive off researching, planning, and creating a vision for your big day, there is always a path for you to choose your wedding photographer from. Some couples like to make a day of it and explore wedding fairs at beautiful wedding venues, and this way you get a

chance to meet photographers face to face, grab a cheeky freebie and get a feel for what options and styles are out there.

But if you’re more the introvert kind and being social is literally a nightmare for you, then photographer podcasts are the way to go. As much as I would like to set podcasts up, I feel I need to nail the blogging first.

Also, if you enjoy reading during your downtime, they’re tons of wedding photographers that write blogs and are featured in wedding magazines to display their work and discuss how they approach a wedding day.

Happy planning, I hope this wedding photography blog helps you in your search….(cough cough pick me LOL )



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