You would be surprised to hear that your local store like boots, may not be the best choice for your prints. Professional printing lab machines are collaborated and do colour correction if needed and these are services that the local store doesn’t offer.

The printing products are not expensive at all, and the photographer can assist to take the stress away, but honestly just ask as we love creating albums for you. I personally use Loxley colour or folio albums and I absolutely love them, especially their delivery times as they’re just super fast. It literally is like click and the prints are here, amazing service. 

Reasons to Invest in an album

1/ Albums that last a lifetime and a special something to show the grandchildren. 

2/Professional products with features

 such as:

-High good quality 

-Thick pages that do not crease 

-Pages that don’t fade over time 

-Options to pick a leather, fabric or other material album covers to suit your taste

-Albums do have protected cases

-Different sizes available to suit all needs

3/ Normally the photographer that took the images will assist you with producing the album, and you can do this by picking the images from the pic-time gallery in my case with my clients and the photographer will put it together on the software provided by the professional printing lab and it truly is made with love and passion from the photographer to show the order of the day as it unfolded. 

Pic-time instructions on how to pick your images 

-Open the link the photographer emailed to you from a desktop computer ( don’t try to navigate from a smart phone ) 

-Browse the private client gallery 

-Click on the icon envelope on the image, the icons are located at the bottom of the image

-The chosen images will gather in a collection for you to share with me. Click on the curved arrow that says share.

-Email the photographer the collection, for my clients below: 

4/ Have control over the design, you can choose the size of the albums, the amount you want to order, perhaps a parent is interested in an extra mini-album? Then think about the cover material or colour as there is leather or fabric to browse through. And you can even pick the number of pages to build it out. I would recommend 60 images as the perfect number, as any more will cause the album to bend in the middle from the weight due to the thick pages. 

I love the classic design, with a beige fabric material cover it’s very minimalistic and suits my style. 

5/ Outsource this task to your photographer and stop using poor quality online storybook orders and don’t cut corners as some poor albums can fade over time or the printers at the company haven’t collaborated the same as the professional labs. 

6/ Purchasing an album is a good investment to show your grandchildren one day, like a time machine capsule! Pretty cool! 

7/ The fun doesn’t stop there though, these companies offer a choice to order prints in all sizes or canvases to suit any family home’s taste.  

How to order

-Book a call or coffee meeting with me to talk through your albums and material requests. 

-I recommend 60 images as a good number to fit the pages nicely from the client gallery, so get browsing. 

-Once I send you the sample, all you have to do is approve the design and change the layout if you wish and pick the album material cover and colour.

-The album will be delivered straight to your door how easy is that? Effortless! 

8/ I would advise storing your album in a dry safe place.

9/ Make someone’s day and leave your photographer a testimonial, kind words are free and go a long way in this world nowadays. 


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