I started my wedding photography business journey capturing weddings on my own and I still do every now and then by the request of the couple depending on their needs, but I wanted to put together a blog on the benefits of having two photographers for your wedding day.

FAO Clients
1/ While the main photographer will be with the bride or groom, the second shooter can cover your partner’s morning prep and get creative with wedding details, candid shots, and bride or groom portraits in good time in a relaxed environment instead of one photographer being short on time, especially if you’re not in the same location as one photographer cannot be everywhere at once.

2/Different angles, depending on restrictions within the church or venue the main photographer can focus on the bride or groom and the second shooter can solely capture your partner’s reaction, as this can sometimes be missed with one photographer. 

3/Incase of an emergency, literally what if the main photographer had an accident, theft, or injured themselves? I know impossible and a little out there right!!!!! but I have been a first-hand witness to this happening. April 2022, I was a second shooter for another photographer ( amazing guy btw known as JamesMorrisPhotography), and bless him to get the shot he wanted during couple portraits he climbed on a bush verge and cut his wrist/hand deep on a smashed wine glass. Just like that….luckily the bride was a nurse, and despite our efforts to make him go to A&E the main photographer carried on but while all this was happening I carried on with the family photos and the rest of the day until he took a few moments to recover. But what if there wasn’t anyone else? 

4/ Everyone loves fun candid shots and the detailed shots of the venue for the wedding cake or tables you’ve spent months or even years putting together and these are available with a second shooter while the main photographer is dealing with group photos, wedding party photos and the couple portraits after the ceremony. 

FAO Photographers:

1/ Gear

Most photographers have a set of backup equipment, but there have been some horror stories from other photographers about equipment being left at home, left on the train, theft, breaking, or accidents. I shoot with two camera bodies and multiple prime, zoom lenses, LED lights, and flashes, and having another photographer with you on the day gives you that extra option, if needed. Touchwood!!!!!!!! I have not and will not experience any of these horror stories. 


Working from home can be very isolating, lonely, and uninspiring at times, but reaching out to other creatives in the industry over social media, network events like wedding shows, styled shoots, or wedding days can have a good impact on your experience as a business owner and mental health. So go grab a coffee at your local with another artist in the same town as you, good things can only come from it after all. 

3/ Learn 

This is one of my favourite things about meeting, working, and networking with other photographers, just simply sharing experiences, learning new techniques, talking about workflows or gear, handy tips or simply watching how they interact with people at weddings. Every wedding is different and it’s good to know how to approach certain situations that might arise and bounce ideas off each other on the day. 

4/Build your portfolio 

Expand your portfolio and go experience different weddings, from garden home-style ceremonies right up to a fairytale castle. Experience the different environments, weather, and lighting situations and learn how to work with them, and build your portfolio in the process to show clients how vast your experience and knowledge are to help them on their wedding day. 

5/ Help each other 

Share the workload and get the support to avoid burnout during a busy wedding season, a little help goes a long way and gives you more room to be creative instead of being short on time and trying to juggle many plates. 

I hope this blog has helped you with your planning whether it is in your business or wedding. Happy organising 🙂



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