Bridal boudoir photography is a type of intimate and romantic photography that captures the bride-to-be in a beautiful and sensual way. A bridal boudoir photoshoot typically takes place in a private and comfortable setting, such as a hotel room or a professional photography studio. The bride-to-be is typically photographed in lingerie, intimate clothing, or a flowing white gown, and the photos are meant to be both seductive and elegant.

Bridal boudoir photography can be a fun and empowering experience for the bride-to-be, and can provide a unique and beautiful addition to her wedding day. The photos can be given as a gift to the groom on the wedding day, or can be kept private as a special memento of the bride’s beauty and confidence. Overall, bridal boudoir photography is a beautiful and intimate way to celebrate the bride-to-be and her relationship.

When: Booking in advance is strongly advised due to the busy wedding season for the suppliers involved. Best to book this session a few months or weeks before your wedding day to gift your groom or bride.

How long? 3 hours in the morning to allow enough time for the make-up artist and extra lingerie changes if desired.

Is the makeup artist included? Yes, I have collaborated with a range of professional makeup artists that work within the wedding industry. 

Where? You choose, it can be in your wedding venue, favourite hotel or the comfort of your own home. Please note this investment does not include venue or hotel charges and you would have to pay the extra fees for the room. 

Is Bridal lingerie included? For hygiene purposes, you will have to provide your own lingerie. 

How much? £450 with a private online client gallery where you can download or print the images straight from the site. 

View a full-styled shoot gallery, which is available on request.