I have put together some unique ways to ask your friends or family to become your bridesmaid, the role and tips.


  1. Bake or purchase them a cake or a sweet treat with a handwritten message iced on top or a note attached                     “ Will you be my bridesmaid? “ 


2. Give them a gift box and personalise it with a makeup bag, dressing gown, candle, jewellery and champagne glass etc 

TOP TIP: Matching dressing gowns for the wedding party makes the morning prep images look fantastic and uniform. 


  1. Write them a letter or card, and this idea is my favourite as it is very personal and cute. It truly is a lovely keepsake for your besties and does bring a tear or two.

I have been asked to be bridesmaid #6th time and this particular way twice and it really pulled at my heartstrings every time, my dear friends wrote about our memories and how amazing they thought I was. There is truly something about having the paper in your hands and reading someone’s words that are really emotional and touching. 


  1. Organise a fancy dinner party and ask them with delicious wine and food in the comfort of your home. 


  1. Everyone loves flowers, it brightens up the home, smells and look incredible so ask by buying a huge bunch of flowers. 


Now you’ve got picked your tribe, I have put a few ideas down on how they can assist you and the photographer on the day. 

Being a bridesmaid is the best job, bridesmaids get to be part of the most important day, and they’re like cheerleaders and should be showering the bride with champagne, support, love, good advice and be a helping hand when you need and that includes toilet duties, assisting the wedding photographers on the day of the wedding with rearranging the brides wedding dress during the ceremony, helping to organise the confetti line, gathering family members and guest for the all-important shoots, or simply fleck the vail or hold smoke bombs for the couple portraits or wedding party shoots. Whatever the task, brides need bridesmaids that will be happy to help make the day run smoothly with a smile on their faces. 


Depending on your wishes, you can give the wedding favours to your bridesmaids during the wedding morning prep instead of the speeches at the wedding breakfast, to have a moment together before the wedding day begins, plus it’s a lovely moment for the photographer to capture too. 


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