Couple Photoshoot

Reasons why you should book a couples photoshoot

Couple photoshoots are not just for engagements and weddings, couples are also booking me for their anniversary.  

Pre-wedding shoots

For those of you getting married and have already booked Happy Moments Co. as your wedding photographer, booking an intimate photoshoot is highly recommended and is the best way to get to know me as your photographer, not to mention it’s a good laugh too.  

Couple selfies

My partner hates the camera, let alone when I have to beg him for a selfie on holiday and I don’t blame him for saying no to a selfie, they’re unattractive. Unless you get the right angle with the light, and there is always a bit of overstretching with some weird facial expressions going on, so let’s say goodbye to those double chin selfies and book a couple of shoots with your favourite to capture some enchanting moments together.  

Date night ideas

Do you ever feel like passing ships in the night with your partner or do you feel like getting back to normality after lockdown has put extra pressure and stress on your mental health? It could be as simple as you’re both just simply crazy busy with the kids. Well, I understand, and I have a romantic solution, why not take some time away from your busy lives and make the couple photoshoot a date, simply connect and have fun with each other. Grab the bottle of bubbly that will be provided by Happy Moments Co and celebrate your love by shaking it up and having a spray shoot, I mean who doesn’t love raining Prosecco?  

Wall pictures for living room

Create some intimate memories together and decorate your home with the images and fill your walls with prints. Every time you walk into the room or pop to the kitchen for a cuppa you can have a glance at the frame and feel that little smile on your face remembering that day, the connection, and fun you both experienced. I absolutely love receiving messages from my couples, about the images I have captured in frames within their home, my heart always bursts with joy.  

Retail theraphy

Booking a couples photoshoot gives you the perfect excuse for some retail therapy either online or head out shopping with some friends or your partner to grab that dress and shoes you’ve had your eyes on. You deserve a treat, there has been a world pandemic after all.  

Rainy photoshoots

Most couple photoshoots are outside, and none of us can predict the weather, although it would a cool superpower, right? Anyway, when you book a photoshoot, don’t panic! and don’t be afraid of rainy days as they can make steaming-hot images plus, I have clear umbrellas to supply if you want to stay dry. I know sunny days are hoped for, but cloudy, foggy, frosty, or wet weather can make some creative images, trust the process, and get inspired.  

Photoshoot locations

Get creative with the photographer, choose unique places like the funfair, favourite ice cream shop or your favourite local coffee shop it doesn’t how to be outdoors. Head to the place you got married or proposed? It can be a space that means a lot to you both.  Click here to read the couple photoshoot locations blog I’ve created to help with your planning.

Fun photoshoots

Have fun, play around, and be silly with each other because laughing a lot is good for the soul and feeds happiness. How I approach the shoot is slightly different from how you would expect, I get you both to dance, do piggyback rides, or whisper your favourite pizza topping with the sexiest voice in your partner’s ear. So, you see it’s not all standing there and awkward poses, I want to capture the raw emotion and connection between you both by getting you to focus on an activity or each other. 




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