Are you a couple with a fur baby? Are you both debating whether to bring them to the wedding or not? I have created a list of pro reasons why you should bring your dog to your wedding to celebrate with you the next chapter in your life. 

1/ Our dogs are family, don’t you agree? We treat our dogs like Kings or Queens. My dog has more toys than I have camera gear. We shower them with gifts such as treats, toys, invest in dog walkers, holidays, training, and sensory games. We eat, sleep, cuddle, walk, play, and relax together. So why not invite your dog to the wedding? They’re glued to your hip every other time.

2/ Your dog will be on its own at home for a long period of time, as your wedding day will be at least 12 hours or more, this is not fair and cruel. You’d have to consider hiring a dog walker/sitter or, one of your family members will have to leave the wedding day to check in on the dog. Therefore, why not allocate a friend or family member to look after the dog for the wedding day or, hire a professional wedding dog chaperone.

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3/ Dogs live a shorter lifespan than us. On average they’re on this beautiful planet between 10-15 years, depending on the breed. Give your dog the best life possible, they don’t have long and a day full of smiley faces, attention from guests, new smells to explore, and treats to wolf down will make the dog happy enough. 

4/ Ever heard of dog therapy? I mean who doesn’t smile and do the high-pitched “hello you cutie” voice when you see a dog? Dogs are good for your mental health, naturally calm, and relax you. So bring the dog for anti-stress reasons.   

5/ Why not assign one of your gorgeous bridesmaids to walk the dog on a lead down the aisle as the ring bearer, and make the dog part of the wedding party.

6/ Do you have a framed image of you both and the dog? If not, the wedding day would be the perfect opportunity to get some professional photos of your dog, to treasure for years to come. 

Enjoy your day with everyone you love including your canine baby.


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