Here are a few tips to take positive actions to help small businesses and those hard-working boss babes out there. 

The best things in life are free and it costs absolutely nothing to be kind, also on a positive note it boosts your well-being and gives you that feel-good factor. Now if you’re anything like me, I can’t help but give money to rough sleepers on the street, it gives me a feel-good factor and I know I’ve helped improve someone’s day. What do you do? Well whatever you do, we can always do more. You can help by simply following these pointers I’m blogging about. So during this difficult uncertain period and I’m sure many people have painted 2020 as a year they cannot wait to see be over. However, until the storm passes there will be many wedding suppliers that will be struggling. So a polite reminder to please be kind, as this will be the worst financial year for many people across the country and world. 

Every business has different prices due to their experience, talent, services, training, and time in the industry. Always pay the supplier what they’re worth and don’t ask for discounts. Usually, they will advertise if they’re doing special offers and promotions. Then in that case lap it up. 

Submit your beautiful wedding images to a wedding blog or magazine to help advertise the supplier’s work with the photographer’s written consent. You must ensure you gain the permission of the photographer, as you could breach contracts you’ve signed with them. As a photographer, I would be jumping up and down with joy if my images were published by one of my clients (hint hint), so I’m sure this wouldn’t be a problem it’s just a legal requirement to protect copyrights. 

Buying photoshoot gift vouchers for a special occasion is a beautiful idea, especially if you’re stuck for unique ideas. It is also highly recommended to purchase materials such as albums, USB photo boxes, and prints as most photographers make a tiny bit of income from these products, but they’re mainly ordered through a professional printing lab before being delivered straight to your door. 

Take images on your mobile of the mounted framed photographs on the walls in your home, the photographer will not only feel absolutely filled with joy but they will be able to use the images for advertising and its another way to spread the word as other people can visualise their own professional wedding photographs mounted on their walls at home by that photographer, sometimes something this simple can really help other people’s imaginations, kinda like a mini Pinterest pinboard. 

Pull your phone out and put a cute little filter on it and record a personal video message after your shoot or wedding day about your experience with the supplier, tag them online and share, it’s such a lovely touch and it really does go a long way. 

Social media is a handy tool for most suppliers, so share your images taken by the photographer but a kind reminder to not use filters on top of the images as it’s a copyright infringement issue. Mention the suppliers clearly by inserting their link, or sharing, commenting, and tagging friends on your supplier’s posts and stories. 

Recommendations to friends, family, colleagues, or social media feed posts have a positive impact on someone’s business, as people trust others’ opinions, after all, so start spreading the word. 

When you write a google, bride site, or Facebook review for a business, it is like pure gold dust for them. They can use your kind words on their websites, showcase to potential clients during wedding fairs and it can help others find such an amazing supplier. 

Instead of using chain stores search online for a local business nearby to buy your products from and support your business community, as they need you more than ever. 

You can do most of this from your phone, so get supporting those suppliers as the wedding industry matters. 

Stay Safe and don’t let COVID 19 be the topic of conversation. We can get through this together.



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