What happens if we have to reschedule the whole wedding?

Please let me know asap so I can check my availability and secure your new date.

How long do images take to be edited?

6-12 weeks due to my work and travel schedule.

Can you recommend suppliers?

Yes, click on the wedding suppliers blog

How many images are delivered?

Between 700-2000 depending on the investment you’ve chosen.

Can we have a custom quote?

Yes they’re investments designed for couples, but if this doesn’t suit your needs please book a call with me.

Do you photograph families?

No unfortunately not. I only specialise in weddings and couple portraits.

How to secure a booking with you?

Soon as the venue is booked, a down payment of £150.00 is required to secure your booking.

Do you have payment plans?

Yes, to suit all needs and budgets, all you need to do is ask.

When is the final balance due?

4 weeks before the wedding day.

Can we contact you anytime?

Yes of course. I am here any time of day to answer any questions, chase any outstanding documents and keep you in the loop throughout the booking process, with regular contact via emails and calls.

Can you edit light & airy?

No, my style is warm, dark and moody. If you wish for light and airy I would recommend finding a photographer to fit your style to build your desired vision.

Do you support blue light card?

Yes, for all couples working front line there is a 5% discount on all photography investments. Please note this deal does not extend to family members.

How can we use our images?

As you like, us photographers like to see couples printing their images, posting online and submitting to wedding magazines, the only thing I would love is a tag or mention to help the business grow.

How much are the wedding albums?

These are sourced from 2 local UK bespoke professional paintings labs, see links and let me know what you like the look of for a quote today.

Professional Photo Printing Services | Loxley Colour

Professional fine art albums for photographers | Folio Albums

Can we print from the client gallery?

Yes, and you can also order a whole lot more, check out the features now – Pic-Time: Online Photo Galleries for Professional Photographers

Do you have back-up equipment?

Yes, I have two DSLRs cameras with various lenses and flashes, not to mention the second shooters gear on the day.

Are you fully insured?

Yes, and the certificate can be provided for the venues and are available on request.

Where are you based and how far will you travel?

Cambridge, and I do travel within the UK at no extra mileage charges or hotel fees.

What happens when you get sick?

I have a group of second shooters and a wide network of wedding photographers to relay on. My arm would have to be falling off for me not to attend, I would not worry too much!

When we feed the photographers is there any dietary requirements to be aware of?

If there are any then we can let you know otherwise, we are happy to be fed. Thank you

Can I purchase an Album after the wedding day?

Yes of course! You can purchase an album at any time, that includes parent albums. A lot of my clients order their album for Christmas or on their first year anniversary.

I have questions for you but are not listed here?

I am always here to answer any questions, please get in contact.


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