The beginning of a wedding starts with the planning stages. Within this stage, you could plan an amazing confetti shoot.

Eco friendly confetti

Confetti shoots can be magical if captured correctly. It is also crucial to ensure we do our part for the planet and buy or make biodegradable confetti. Making your own confetti is relatively simple and you can use paper, thus recycling. Buy a patterned hole puncher and get punching. You could collect leaves, dried rose petals, or loose lavender. They’re some fantastic family day activities to plan and the cost is next to nothing. 

Activity for the family

You can make this event a family day out, after all, your family is crucial to the big day. Choosing beautiful coloured leaves during autumn walks, or simply visiting your local florist shop or garden center and buying flowers to dry out. Some florists may even have loose petals for which they may give you. However, my favourite day out would be spending the day during summer in a lavender field picking your own. The smell is just divine and the colour just blows you away. 


A little tip for the look and feel of the shoot is to consider picking white confetti when choosing, as it matches the wedding dress ( depending on the tradition), and it really adds an arty-styled shoot to the photographs. 

Buy enough for everyone

You will need to make sure you have enough confetti. Guests whilst we love them. often forget the confetti. So have some on hand to pass out! 

Confetti guns are a must!

If you’re looking for an epic shot, look into buying confetti guns, they’re powerful, easy and safe to use. Plus they look immense (However, check the products inside the confetti gun, ensuring it’s safe to be let off outside where wildlife could get hold of the contents. Ensure they are safe).

Photo tip

-Try not to stare at your feet when walking and hold your heads up, because as the photographer I want to see those smiles and sheer joy on your faces. 

-Always hold hands for the united entrance, and be present and enjoy the moment as newlyweds.  

-Now I love a romantic kiss shot, so don’t forget to grab your lover and stop for a long smooch in the middle of the confetti fun. 

-A kind reminder to slow your walking pace, it’s not a race. But I’ve mainly brought this up for safety reasons from the photographer’s side. As we mainly walk backwards for this shot and I have on occasions fallen off curbs, which is super embarrassing. I do look while focusing on the task at hand and then get caught up in the excitement and then…drop, there’s a curb…..Twist!… Ouch! 

-Keep your eyes open, I know it goes against the human instinct when things are being thrown at you, but you’ll love those confetti shots looking back. 

-Wave your wedding bouquet above your head and cheer to own that moment. You’ve both been wedding planning for months or even years and for some couples have done so through the world pandemic. Now just let the stresses wash off your shoulders, you’ve created that beautiful wedding day. 

-Relax your shoulders.




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