"I love them, literally can't stop looking at them, thank you. Absolutely love them. Really captures her personality too" - Jenny Tux comfort of your own home, newborn baby photoshoot.

"Our photographs are beautiful! Soooo beautiful. We're over the moon and you've captured some special moments. As we're never getting that time back with Flo again!! Thank you so much. We've loved them all and found it incredibly hard to choose favourites" - Sarah Barnes Family photo shoot


"Had a pregnancy photo shoot with Carrieanne. The session was really relaxed and Carrieanne made us feel at ease immediately. I really enjoyed the session and I am so glad I will have some lovely photos to treasure forever. I would high recommend booking in with Happy Moments Co. I can’t wait to see the images!"- Chloe Beasley, maternity shoot.

Once a date is agreed. no payment is required until after the photoshoot then the images will be released. 

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from 2021 PLease note these lifestyle services is an exclusive extra service for my past wedding clients only. 

There are many special moments when you christen your child and the day will be one you’ll hold in your heart forever. My commitment to you is to portray your day through a series of images that will give you the gift of reliving it over and over again.

You’ll receive all your images via an online gallery with options to print or download and a handy USB stick. Contact me to discuss your Christening needs.


Those special moments for a new mum and her newborn are among the most precious life can offer. To see the bond strengthen day by day is to witness love developing in its purest form. I will come to you in your home and create your very own love story that you can treasure forever. 
How will we depict your journey into motherhood?
The most authentic moments are captured when you’re comfortable and relaxed. I take away the need to get you and your little one up, dressed and ready by offering this package in your home. The surroundings will be what your baby is used to – the smells, the warmth of the room, the feel of the furniture – all allowing me to focus on the intricate details of a settled baby. 
What will you need to prepare to get the most from our time together?
I rely on natural light to focus on documentary style photography, so you will need a light room with a window. I also ask that you have a white sheet over a bed, chair or beanbag so that busy backgrounds don’t distract from the beauty of you and your baby.
We know babies can be unpredictable, but they’re also creatures of habit. I want to experience your routine with you, not disrupt it, so that’s why I allow an hour and a half for every photoshoot. You and the everyday needs of your baby are all part of the story we’re creating.
You’ll receive an online gallery with the option to download or print any of your images with a handy USB stick.​​​​​​​

Comfort of your own home, baby photoshoot £170.00 

Not all best friends are human, and every relationship deserves to be celebrated through photography. I will join you for an hour on your favourite walk, acting as your visual narrator who will tell your story together through pictures.

Following our walk, you’ll get access to an online library, where you can choose to download or print your images.

My Canine BFF and Me package £59.99 

There is nothing more special than capturing the spirit of your family through a storyboard of images. 
You’ll choose from a selection of picturesque locations and we’ll spend an hour together creating a unique playground for you and your tribe.
Your keepsake for the day will be an A3 professional print, a USB with all images edited and access to your personalised online gallery with printing and downloading options.
Following our walk, you’ll get access to an online library, where you can choose to download or print your images.

Family package £150.00​​​​​​​

It’s no longer enough to just be professional –
 you need to have a personality too. People buy from people after all. 
So, let me help YOU shine through your brand like a beacon and stand out from the crowd.
You’ll get all images edited that are ready to use across all your business platforms on a USB and access to an online gallery with printing options.
Please contact me to discuss your needs.

Business package £325

Growing a human is a privilege that deserves a spotlight. The pride you see in a woman’s eyes as she nurtures her tiny baby is a sight to behold and I’m here to make sure that pride is captured and framed forever.

You will get all the edited images, taken from the 1 hour session in a location of your choice in an online gallery with print and download options available.

Maternity package £75.00


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