November 2020

Today I decided I would write about something a bit different from real weddings, tips and advice to clients. Instead I was inspired by a new client about loving the journey you’re on no matter your path, and to accept, grow, learn and move forward. It was so inspirational to me that I thought I would share this notion.

So I bet you’re thinking how is this linked to the images? Well, a client approached me with a unique photoshoot request and said “ I'd like to do a wedding dress paint splash to celebrate my divorce” but I have never heard of this idea before, and naturally I felt super stoked to be part of it.

Furthermore, after reflecting on the occasion it got me thinking about how life is unbelievably unpredictable and stresses happen to all of us,right? With these scenarios, sadly come breakups and divorces. Despite this, we all deal with it differently in our own way. I personally turn to endless days of sleeping and avoiding sunlight. But there was such a buzzing atmosphere about this whole experience and I absolutely loved how my client took a positive spin on dealing with life stresses, and she had a real good energy to be around. My client did not focus on the negative but more on the new chapter in her life, she decided to celebrate and I thought what a lovely and graceful way to move forward.

Not only did I get to meet a sweet soul. I also found this photoshoot was filled with good vibes, with lots of creativity and it felt special as well. It was like being part of a self cleansing ritual. If you get my gist girls!

We all have our personal journeys, but why not empower them!

Virtual hugs and high fives to every soul reaching personal mile stones. You can do this!

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