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Popular Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

Get a feel for what type of styles you do and don’t like

Are you preparing for your wedding day and looking for the perfect hairstyle to complement your long locks? Whilst a great hairstylist will be able to suggest some options for you it’s always a good idea to do a bit of research to get a feel for what type of styles you do and don’t like. It may even be that you have decided you will be styling your hair yourself –  in which case you want to decide early on what kind of style you are going for so that you can get in plenty of practice ahead of the big day.

Easy and elegant looks

In this blog, we’ll share some popular wedding hairstyles specifically tailored for women with long hair. Whether you’re a novice in styling hair or simply seeking new ideas, these easy and elegant looks will make you feel like a true bridal beauty on your special day. Let’s dive in!

Romantic Half-Up Half-Down

This timeless style combines the best of both worlds, with your hair partially pinned up and the rest cascading down.

  1. Start by creating loose curls throughout your hair for added texture and volume. Starting the day with more volume means your hair will still look great later into the evening even as it starts to ‘drop’ a little.
  2. Gather a small section of hair from each side, slightly twist it, and secure it at the back with a decorative clip or bobby pins. These could be designed to match elements of your dress or could even be cherished and loved clips that you have owned for years.
  3. Let the remaining curls flow freely, framing your face and creating a soft and romantic look.

Classic Ballerina Bun

The ballerina bun is an elegant and sophisticated choice that never goes out of style.

  1. Begin by gathering your hair into a high ponytail and securing it with a hair elastic.

(NB: Ensure that your hair is smoothed down and looks sleek – you may need to use a few different hair products to normal, so make sure you practice ahead of time until you get the right combination. You don’t want your hair to look greasy but you also don’t want whisps escaping and creating a messy look.)

  1. Twist the ponytail around the base to form a neat bun and secure it with bobby pins, ensuring it feels secure and balanced.
  2. For a touch of glamour, consider adding a delicate hair accessory, like a sparkling comb or a floral hairpin.

Bohemian Braided Crown

Embrace your inner boho goddess with a beautiful braided crown that exudes natural charm.

  1. Part your hair in the middle and create two loose braids on each side.
  2. Cross the braids over your head, securing them in place with bobby pins, and tuck the ends underneath to create a seamless crown effect.
  3. To enhance the bohemian vibe, gently pull some strands loose to create a soft, ethereal look.

Glamorous Hollywood Waves

Channel your inner Hollywood starlet with glamorous, Old Hollywood-inspired waves.

  1. Start by using a curling iron or hot rollers to create large, voluminous curls throughout your hair.
  2. Once your curls have cooled, gently brush them out to create soft waves.
  3. Apply a light-hold hairspray to keep the waves in place and add a touch of shine.

This style is great for creating movement in your photos and can soften your features.

Effortless Side-Swept Ponytail

For a chic and effortless look, opt for a side-swept ponytail that showcases the length of your hair.

  1. Begin by gathering your hair to one side, and securing it with an elastic just below the ear.
  2. To add a touch of elegance, wrap a small section of hair around the elastic to conceal it.
  3. For added glamour, consider curling the ends of the ponytail or adding a decorative hair accessory near the elastic.

You could even choose to turn this into a braid if you want a little more than just the ponytail

Seek the help of a professional hairstylist

Remember, practice makes perfect! If you’re not confident in styling your hair on the big day, don’t hesitate to seek the help of a professional hairstylist. They have the expertise to bring your vision to life and ensure you feel stunning as you walk down the aisle.

Easy yet elegant options

In conclusion, these popular wedding hairstyles for long hair are perfect for those seeking easy yet elegant options. From the romantic half-up half-down style to the glamorous Hollywood waves, each look offers its unique charm. Choose the style that resonates with your taste and complements your overall bridal look.

With a little bit of practice and the right accessories, you’ll be ready to rock your wedding day with confidence and style! Sites like Pinterest and YouTube are great for inspiration, and provide step-by-step guides and videos to show you exactly what to do.

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