After consuming a delicious wedding breakfast for champions, the excitement, nervous feeling, and happiness build. Once you settle into the bridal/groom suite at the venue, hotel, or your home. We photographers would normally start our day when the make-up artist or hairdresser starts. We make sure we introduce ourselves to everyone before we pull the camera out, some want to be warned. 


Photographers would always suggest finding a well-lit room for morning prep when looking at venues, hotels, or set up in the brightest room in your home for your wedding morning. If the room is too dark while you’re getting ready, due to the typical British weather or it’s just a dark room due to limited windows, warm decoration, and furniture. I would suggest while you are getting ready to go near a well-lit window or doorway. For example, if the makeup artist has set up on a table in the corner of the room ask if you can move to the window, but don’t worry if you don’t remember this. I’m there as the photographer, to find the best possible places for photos, with the best lighting. Natural light offers a more natural glow and can make you even more stunning.


To assist the photographer on the morning of the wedding, please prep the proposed items below:

-Wedding dress or suit 


-Written vows 

-Grooms suit 

-Wedding heels, converse trainers, boots, or shoes. 


-Wedding rings

-Perfume/Aftershave to be worn on your special day 

-Bride bouquet

-Groom Corsage Boutonniere

-Grooms watch

-Grooms cuff links

-Wedding invitations or any items you wish to be included E.g something blue or that special locket picture from a passed loved one. 


Photographers take extra care and wash our hands before handling the wedding items you’ve spent months or years planning, picking, and purchasing. 

Photographers will be naturally looking for the available light within the room and normally head for a bright window, doorway, or another well-lit room. So please don’t be worried if you see us walking out of the room with your wedding dress or suit. 


The less clutter in the room the better they will look in your final images, and in the morning after the wedding details, I make sure I always capture some natural getting ready shoots, i.e. friends or family helping you get into your dress, putting on your veil and shoes. And the same approach will be covered on the groom’s side with a second shooter i.e. capturing friends or family assisting the groom with his tie, cliff links, shoes, and corsage boutonniere. 


After all the important wedding bridal and groom details and natural getting ready photographs have been captured, what goes on the shoot list next depends on your wishes. 

Second shooter 

If you’ve hired a second shooter they will cover all the groom prep and follow the same approach for the wedding details and candid getting ready photographs. But if you have not hired a second shooter and wish for me to cover both morning preps in the same venue then, I will flick between the two of you. 

I would highly recommend hiring a second shooter if you’re in different addresses or wish for more coverage such as the dress reveal, wedding party shots, bridal or groom portraits before the ceremony.

Wedding party shoots

Some couples like the idea of wedding party shots before the ceremony, to allow more time with guests later on down the line, and then once the entire wedding party from the bride and groom side is together after the ceremony we can pencil in a fun group shoot. If you like the idea of having more time later on then wedding party shoots in the morning will have to be apron request and will require a second shooter to accommodate the groom’s side in the morning.

Bridal dress reveal 

A few brides like to do the bride’s dress reveal in the bridal suite or a special space in the venue for either their father or bridesmaids as a surprise and wow factor if they haven’t seen the dress beforehand. 

First look 

Also known as a pre-reveal, a “first look” means when a couple on the morning of their wedding break with the old tradition of not seeing each other until the bride is coming to the aisle to share a little time together before making their way to the ceremony.

Bridal and Groom portraits 

Would you like some moments before walking down the aisle in your bridal or groom’s suite? I offer bridal and groom portraits and I would love to accommodate and capture those shoots. The setup would normally look like either on a chair, near a well-lit window, or stairwell depending on the layout of the venue, home, or hotel. I love these types of images, and I find them very intimate and it’s a nice time for you to have some peace and quiet after an exciting morning with the wedding party. 


Please make sure your photographer is aware of any additional ideas, wishes or requests, so we can capture these moments. Because after the wedding details, getting ready candid shoots and the all-important intimate moments of getting into your dress with your wedding party or family helping you or not, us photographers leave to head to the ceremony and sometimes this involves a drive or just another room within the venue, but we prep so we don’t miss the most important part of the day – the ceremony. 


Although photographers would like to accommodate every single wish, sometimes we have to be realistic, so when planning the wedding timeline with or without your wedding photographer be realistic as sometimes weddings do run behind and those considerations need to be taken into account. And make sure you both have time away from the camera to socialise, as candid shoots will still be happening around you, so don’t feel like you need to pencil in every suggestion or idea you have or seen, because sometimes it’s the natural events and actives of the day that make the memories just as much. 


After capturing numerous amount of beautiful weddings I would suggest prepping the wedding details, candid getting ready shots, and some bridal and groom portraits. Why? Because it’s a good mix of detail, natural shots and you get to have a set of beautiful bridal or groom portraits on your own. 



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