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The Top 7 Wedding Shots You’re Going to Want to Make Sure Are On Your Photography List

The wedding photographer you choose is going to capture many moments and whilst photographers will of course identify and ensure the classic moments are captured such as cutting the cake, the speeches, and your entrance, some crucial photographs can go unnoticed.

These pictures can often capture the real sentiment of your wedding day, showcasing the distinct features that make your celebration, marriage and family special and having them in your wedding album will ensure that every memory is captured for you to look back on your special day.

So which photos are essential and shouldn’t be overlooked, and how can you ensure that you get them? Read on for my guide!

Groom Getting Ready

It’s common to have photographs of the bride getting ready, but what about the groom? The attention is often focused on the ladies during the morning of the wedding, but it’s equally lovely to capture the groom’s preparation for the day too.

Although it may be true that the groom’s party typically requires less time to get ready, it doesn’t mean that putting on the wedding suit, tying your tie, or placing your buttonhole isn’t a big moment either.

The Reaction

As the walk down the aisle begins, all eyes are fixed on this, particularly the soon-to-be spouse waiting at the opposite end. One of my all-time favourite images to look back on is the moment the partner see’s their seen to be Mr or Mrs for the first time.

Getting this shot can be challenging without a second photographer, but an excellent photographer can employ their experience to capture that unforgettable moment for you.

Alternatively, if you and your partner want to have a more intimate reveal, it’s becoming increasingly popular to have a private first look. Many couples want a keepsake of that magical ‘wow!’ moment as they lay eyes on each other for the first time.

Your Grandparents

Your grandparents will likely be super excited about your wedding, that’s for sure! Therefore, capturing pictures of your grandparents (and particularly your great-grandparents) is an absolute must-have.

Let your photographer know about their seating arrangements so that they can snap some lovely candid shots of them in addition to including them in the family portraits.

Additionally,  it’s also a good idea to take some solo shots of your elderly relatives with you, separated from the rest of the family. Believe me when I say that a thank-you card with one of these photos included will unquestionably make their day!

Your Venue

Amidst all the excitement and preparations of the wedding, it’s easy to forget about the significance of your wedding venue. However, the venue plays a substantial role on your wedding day, and while it serves as the backdrop for your photographs and the day, it’s also important to capture how stunning it was in its own right as a future memento.

This is especially true if you’ve chosen an unconventional or historical location, but regardless of the venue you’ve selected, it’s lovely to have some photographs that remind you why you picked that particular place for your celebration.

Therefore, it’s a great idea to ask your photographer to take some pictures of the venue before the guests arrive, including shots of the reception room adorned with decorations, the antique fireplace, the picturesque gardens, and anything that makes the venue unique and memorable to you.

Anything Personal

Are you planning to wear your father’s watch on your big day? Have you invited four generations of your family to the wedding? Is your “something blue” an item that holds special meaning to you? Or, are you incorporating some vintage wedding traditions into your celebration?

These are the elements that make your wedding distinctively your own – and why it’s incredibly crucial to have a conversation with your photographer about taking the care to focus on these items. This way, you’ll always have the significant touches that make your wedding uniquely personalised to you.

Faraway Friends and Family

You may have friends and family who have traveled a great distance to be with you on your special day. It can be really lovely to have a special moment with them to show your appreciation for their presence and to create a lasting memory of their support of your relationship.

Ask your photographer to capture a few beautiful moments with them. It doesn’t have to be anything too formal, but a candid shot of you interacting with your loved ones will serve as a lovely reminder of their effort to be there for you on your big day and makes a great memento of someone you may not see as often as you’d like too!

The Kids

Taking pictures with any children involved in your wedding can be a challenging task, but it’s worth capturing their unique personalities and having mementos of them being small and carefree on your wedding day. While the pageboys and flower girls are often included in the formal photos and wedding party, it’s the candid shots on the dance floor or playing around the venue that showcases their true character.

Many weddings also offer activities or gifts for children, providing an excellent opportunity to capture them having fun and enjoying themselves in their element too.

Don’t Miss a Thing!

Ensure that you don’t miss any precious moments of your wedding day by working together with your photographer as a team. It’s crucial to sit down and have a chat with your photographer not only during your engagement shoot but also later on when you’ve made all the big decisions and have a clearer vision of your wedding.

Let your photographer know about all the special touches that make your wedding unique, such as wearing your mom’s veil or grandad’s wedding band, having a bouncy castle for the kids, any handmade items, or any family that has made an extra effort to be with you on the day.

The more information your photographer has, the better prepared they can be in capturing all these beautiful, individual, and meaningful moments on your wedding day. Plus, it gives your photographer a chance to get to know you better too making your photographs even more perfect.




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