When you start the exciting journey of wedding planning, it is recommended you create a wedding timeline. Having this in place will ensure your wedding suppliers know what to do beforehand or on a special day. This will also be helpful for the wedding photographer and chosen venue on the day. This small detail means your wedding will run smoothly and on time.

After much discussion, choosing your dream wedding venue, and agreeing to your ceremony date with the registrar you deserve virtual high-fives.

There are many factors to take on board when you begin your wedding timeline, and booking your wedding photographer ASAP will avoid disappointment.

Ensure you contact all your suppliers in good time, penciling every element into your diary, this ensures the timeline can be created. And if you’re anything like me, I find writing everything down, keeping a clear head, and setting a direction of what to do next.

When you are planning your makeup artist or hairstylist, ensure you book them where you plan on getting ready. This could be your chosen venue or home depending on your bridal party size, needs, and requests. The wedding photographer will utilize this planning as their start time if you’ve requested bridal prep for your wedding photography investment.

After the wedding ceremony, it is the ideal time for the wedding photographer to capture the family images. Whether you’re having confetti guns, blowing bubbles to celebrate, or throwing hats in the air, it’s the perfect time to get your guests to stay gathered around for a group shot followed by a few family shots with the couple.

After the group photographs and with a small break from the camera. The wedding photographer will take the wedding party ( bridesmaids and groomsmen) to one side with the couple to take some fun snaps.

The most important part of the wedding breakfast will be to pencil in some downtime for the couple shoot before the wedding breakfast. This time will allow the couple to relax and catch up on the most spectacular morning.

Normally the photographer will have a break while the wedding breakfast is underway as no one likes eating shoots, and we can all agree they’re not attractive.

Don’t forget to pencil in the wedding speeches, one of my favourite parts of the evening followed by the cake cutting and first dance.

Now unless you have any special requests photographers will normally finish around this time.

I hope this has given you some guidance and points to think about, it is vital you keep the photographer in the loop of any activities or surprises, so us photographers can be ready and prepped.



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