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I started my photography journey back in 2016, working as a forensic photographer before starting my business dream.

I have always been a wild child at heart and a huge lover of the outdoors, traveling the world and exploring new places, and the main purpose for this was to de-stress and recharge. So leading on from that I started photographing landscapes, and I used to wake up so excited at 5 am and go catch the sunrise or the beautiful sunsets and just spend hours and hours just exploring picturesque locations, playing with my camera, and creating different effects.

This then leads me down a path of people seeing my images and inquiring about family photography, so it wasn’t a surprise to me when I got the bug and wanted to create a business in photography and get paid for what I love.

Wow, dreams really do come true though, if you truly want that life you see and hear about then create it. But this journey isn’t about me, it’s about the clients and I am focused on going the extra mile and I absolutely love every minute of it.

Of course, though entering the photography business world doesn’t go without its challenges, and I have been clueless at the start but remained very determined to achieve those business dreams and I will continue to aim high as there is always stuff to learn.

I have spent the last two years establishing myself in the business photography world, networking, learning, growing, creating, experimenting, and finding my niche. I began by focusing on lifestyle photography which included maternity, newborns, canines, families, Christenings, and small businesses alongside weddings. I even dabbled in working for an estate agent photographing million-pound houses for a while. But with all those experiences I found myself leaning more towards weddings.

Why do you wonder? Well, it’s the connection you have with the couples and being involved in the planning stages, and simply serving clients by giving them the best experience on their romantic journey. It’s such a refreshing and joyful world to be part of and being a keen planner myself I find it enjoyable as you meet so many amazing talented wedding suppliers and seeing couples/supplier’s ideas, work, and creations. It is just so inspirational.

Sadly though, I cannot serve everyone and specialise in everything with all the beauty in the world, I wish I could. Therefore I will be closing all lifestyle photography packages in the new year 2021 and only focusing on weddings to become the best wedding photographer I can for my lovely couples.


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