Woodland wedding photography

Woodland weddings are most certainly different, down to earth and romantic. I am one of those people blown away by woodland weddings and I’m sure your guests will be too, and to capture everyone emotions on the day is pure magic, and not just because the film “Twilight” has sold the woodland wedding look to me, but the woodlands are very enchanting and refreshing. Don’t you agree? Anyway, whether you like the film “Twilight” or not and simply a nature lover then I have put together a list of UK-based woodland wedding venues to assist you with your wedding planning. 

Woodland wedding venues

-Woodland weddings Ltd

-Upthorpe Wood


-Happy Valley Venue & Glamping in Norfolk

-Wildwood bluebell

-Longton wood 

-Forest lodge weddings

If you’re planning a woodland wedding or looking for a wedding photographer that will travel to capture the woodland wedding essence, then get in touch I’d love to hear all about your wedding woodland plans.


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