So while my career so far has involved cameras, it hasn’t felt quite enough. There’s been a missing link. And that’s why Happy Moments Co is here today. To fulfil my purpose and bring my expertise to those that need it.

My goal is to make sure you don’t miss a single instant. We are so busy living that we often forget to stop, take a breath, and embrace the moment we’re in. I’ll put all those special bits in a keep sake and you can relive those moments for years to come.

This world we live in is beautiful. And the people in it, stunning. My role is the beauty and memory catcher. To capture the essence and sheer beauty
in every second.

Hello beautiful people, if you're still reading my site I am chuffed, now let's get down to who I am? I am a forensic photographer to fund my business dream. Yes thats right real life CSI, so when I am not fighting crime I am day dreaming about chasing love stories which feeds my soul and brings me pure joy. My business is my passion and I love to capture the celebrations of life. 

Now that my extreme career choice as been disclosed, my pass time isn’t as exciting and it involves being pet obsessed with my fur babies Artemis and Oden, drinking tea and trying to multitask and take on a renovation project in our new house. I say renovate I am mainly the destroyer and cleaner but I am a lucky girl to have a handsome carpenter by trade to re-build.


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I have shoot lists and time lines all in hand, whether you've booked me for a wedding or engagement shoot don't stress everything is in order.                       

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I would recommend it's always worth contacting me soon as possible. As I cannot predict my bookings 

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Whether you're looking for a wedding photography or a engagement photoshoot I can accommodate. 

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Images taken by Rafe Abrook photography

From 2021 as an extra benefit and perk when booking me as your wedding photographer, I offer an exclusive service to all my past wedding clients only and open my lifestyle photography packages up to those that invested in me and my business and these include maternity, new born's, christenings, canines, families and small businesses.  


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