Well I do love to hear about your wedding plans and details and I always take the time to make sure everything is in place before the wedding day. However, my organisation skills don't just stop at your wedding, Sometimes clients like to request additional shoots, i.e. engagement photos, So I always take the time to really find out what clients want from the shoot and the setting you’re after. For example a beach shoot? City escape or simply the coffee shop you both visit to watch the world go by. After the images have been captured there are always further workloads, such as building in time to edit the images, which on average takes 6-12 weeks, and placing orders for photo boxes, prints and albums. Good time management, as well as staying focused and organised in the business is very important and one I thrive on and thoroughly enjoy. 

Everyone needs a friendly photographer in their lives, and a friendly face behind the lens, and that’s what I bring to the day. it makes the world of difference to your mood and your personal experience. 

Interesting facts about me: 

*I am one of seven children 
*I scuba dive 
*I am a qualified CSI 
*I have met the Queen 
*I used to be an Air cadet at a young age and flew a two seater plane
*I smile alot 

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Thanks for coming to my site. Let me explain a little bit about me, and hopefully make you feel comfortable.

My name is Carrieanne, I own a wedding photography business and yes, I am completely mad about anything to do with photography, People often ask me why I love photography and to be honest it's because a picture can capture so much emotion and encapsulate it. Why do I like wedding photography? I enjoy hearing about your love stories and taking the pictures has me totally emerged in my happy place. But the real question is, who am I and what can I bring to your wedding day? 

Most of my family and friends would agree I am an adventurous person. I have travelled across the world, I have lived in Australia and hiked over glaciers in Iceland. The places I’ve visited are endless and still I want to explore more. So how does this adventurer side help you? Well I’m an open minded person, I love to meet new people and visiting different places. You want to scuba dive and get married underwater, I’m there. You want to hike the British peaks and get some awesome couple portraits, I’m there. You want to hop in a hot air balloon or boat, I’m there. There is no limit to your possibilities and with me there to capture those memories for you to treasure. 

As a wedding photographer I have so many different roles; business owner, marketing & sales, blogger, administrator, accounts, customer service and a photographer all rolled into one. I find myself being more organised, being constantly on the go with plans and ideas. So how does this help you? 


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I have shoot lists and time lines all in hand, whether you've booked me for a wedding or engagement shoot don't stress everything is in order.                       

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I would recommend it's always worth contacting me soon as possible. As I cannot predict my bookings 

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Whether you're looking for wedding photography or a engagement photoshoot I can accommodate. 

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You can contact me through the website on the contact page, through social media or via carrieanne.cook@happymomentsco.com 

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i am little bit more than a professional wedding crasher