Hello beautiful people, I am Carrieanne the daily dream chaser and the reason I started my business, is because it has been a dream of mine.
I'm a wild girl at heart, I love swimming in the warm ocean for hours on end until dusk when traveling, because the english coast just doesn't cut it for me, I have tried. I like the sound of the wind and rain on a  typical British day while snuggled in bed, when I am not out with my camera at work and as the evening draws to a close, I aways stare at the stars on a clear night snuggled by an outdoor fire when I can and I am constantly amazed by the moon and obsessed with David Attenborough. But to add to my weird ways, I am pet mad with the new additions to the household, as you can see by my instagram stories. 
Anyway while my career so far has involved cameras, it hasn’t felt quite enough. There’s been a missing link. And that’s why Happy Moments Co is here today. To fulfil my purpose and bring my expertise to those that need it.
My mission is to make sure you don’t miss a single instant. We are so busy living that we often forget to stop, take a breath, and embrace the moment we’re in. I’ll put all those special bits in a keep sake and you can relive those moments for years to come.
This world we live in is beautiful. And the people in it, stunning. My role is the beauty and memory catcher. To capture the essence and sheer beauty in every second.
Contact me: carrieanne.cook@happymomentsco.com

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