What to wear 
Remember that feeling when you buy new clothes and you just simply feel amazing? well, start your day wearing something you feel confident in, as it can ruin your day and images when you look back at them, all because you didn’t like your outfit on the day of the shoot and it can have a huge knock on effect with the results for you. As the one behind the camera, I would simply recommend either wearing anything black as it is slimming, pastel, or warm colour clothes but it is dependent on your setting ( could be a wedding day) location and season setting, and the look you’re wanting to create.

With this in mind please try to avoid patterns, as it makes the images look busy and draws people’s eyes straight to that stripy top you’ve chosen to wear. I’ll raise my hand and confess though, I’ve done this in shoots before, I’ve worn a flowery dress, and then looking back at my images my eyes are drawn straight to my clothes, and they didn’t match my setting or the season and it ruined the overall image I desired. So sometimes if you just wear something because it will do, or you can’t be bothered to iron and like me, you don’t have heaps of clothes to choose from, just remember the clothes you choose should make you feel warm and happy… It is important to make the most out of the photoshoot so go online or spend the morning shopping with a loved one or friends, looking for those pair of jeans or dress you’d like to wear and pick clothes that make you feel special because it really does make a difference to your images and how you feel about them after. 

The same rules apply if you’ve hired a wedding photographer for your big day, and they’re normally with you for the morning prep right through until the first dance and cake cutting. I cannot express this enough, if you’re not comfortable with what you’re wearing whilst you’re getting ready e.g old PJ’s then buy new shiny wedding gowns, ones that are soft and that accentuate your figure. After lockdown, your wedding dress may be slightly tight or larger due to a new fitness kick and you don’t like the look of your bridesmaid’s dresses because of the colour. Then make the changes beforehand, contact that bridal shop, return the bridesmaid’s dresses and tweak everything you don’t like before it’s set in stone for your wedding images, as those memories last a lifetime. 

After doing some research about how to help clients relax, it is very popular to play music during the photoshoot, I agree and love this little touch. The right tunes can break the ice and take your mind off the camera while it’s clicking away. And music is good for the soul after all, so depending on the shoot I have a music account which means I can play your favourite feel-good tunes.

When it comes to posing we all have a preferred side, bits we hate and body parts we wish would look different, but we are all beautiful and unique in our own way. So forget about perfection and stop comparing yourself to others and especially those hot models, as they do it every day as their career. Although I do recommend practicing in the mirror before the shoot to get to know your good side, As the photographer I might not be aware you don’t like the left side of your face because of a birth mark or that you hate your hands. It’s little details like that which help me compose my images to suit your needs. I even find myself hating being in front of the camera, mainly because of my lockdown weight gain since COVID and I now regret every cake we baked weekly, so you’re not alone. Be confident in your body image, you got this!

So you’re at the shoot and you got the outfit making you feel the part or if it’s your wedding day and you’ve been practicing in the mirror, now what right? Well, it’s simple to have fun and play around, sometimes it’s best to capture emotion when you’re busy doing stuff like piggyback rides, drunk walking, dancing, or the classic kiss and dip. That’s raw emotion I love and I do help with prompting you with poses on the day to take the stress away. Just simply be yourselves. 

Did you know kissing, cuddling, and smiling are stress relief? So grab your partner and get lost in their eyes and forget about the camera and let me capture those love stories.

A good tip for couples on your wedding day, and during the ceremony when you hear those words “ you can now kiss the bride” make that kiss long-lasting, Not only does it give the awwww factor, but I can get some romantic snaps of that kiss, the kiss that starts your marriage should be remembered., After all those years, months, and days of organising, planning, and dealing with the stresses that come with a wedding you’ve made it, so enjoy that kiss.  

Are you feeling extremely insecure about how your wedding photos will turn out? I get it and understand those thoughts might make you feel down and a wedding photographer might not be on the planning wedding checklist because of it. But let me suggest a few things to help you feel more at ease and change your perceptive on the subject.                             

Firstly that man standing at the end of the aisle is there because he wants to be your husband and he loves you for who you are. So hold your head high and enjoy your wedding day. Having a wedding photographer to document these moments will last forever. I cannot express this enough though and you have to remember not hiring a wedding photographer at all is a huge mistake, the professional photographs will be the only materialistic thing you’ll have left from your wedding day, possibly along with some dried out flowers and a small piece of frozen wedding cake. Sadly without professional photographs, you will only have your memories to reply on, so don’t skip the wedding photographer because you’re feeling insecure and down. 

Ask the wedding photographer for candid shoots only, if you feel the couple portraits, family photos and the wedding party shoot will be too much for you. It’s your day you plan it how you want, just work with the wedding photographer for your desired shoot list. 

Get a feel for the camera and book an engagement shoot to test out how you find the session, you’ll be surprised how fun it can be. 

Depending on the skill set of the wedding photographer you hire, you can always ask if the photographer will do some touch-up work. For example, if you’ve had a spot outbreak. Just mention these things and the photographer will accommodate to the best of their ability. 

Sometimes it is easier to say than do, but try not to worry or overthink it, and practice some calming techniques to bring the anxiety down. Perhaps do some self-care before your big day. I’m sure it will be all good nervous and excitement before the wedding. 

Be open and honest with your wedding photographer, if you don’t like your hands, arms or that scar then let the photographer know. We want you to feel good in front of the camera so shooting from a preferred side will help how you feel good about the images. 

Everyone has parts of their body they don’t like or the way they look on camera, but remember it’s our jobs as wedding photographers to take all those worries into consideration of how you’re feeling about your body and spin that around and make you feel good. So just be yourself, I once read a sunset and a bunch of flowers is both beautiful, but they’re not the same. And it’s so true they’re different forms of beauty, allow yourself to be happy you deserve to let those barriers come down on your wedding day.

I hope I’ve given you some food for thought. Now write that wedding photographer back on your planning list. We’re important! 



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