Congratulations you’ve most probably aced it in front of the camera and wow you owned that lens. I’ve given you the opportunity to view the online gallery and have given you your USB stick, now what?

As a photographer, I always back up my images. The importance you ask? Well once these images are gone, you may never see them again. I inform all my clients to back up all their images from the wedding or shoot before sticking them in a box or cupboard. Even if this is your first or tenth shoot, have you considered a backup plan? No? Well, I can help!

So most photographer businesses have an online client gallery, they’re convenient and fast for the business. Unfortunately, after a year those images go into an archive, so always, always download those images onto a desktop beforehand. If you do not have the rights then speak to the photographer. 

Once they’re on your desktop you probably won’t worry too much because you’ll have a USB stick too right? Whilst your desktop is great and the USB stick handy, remember it’s safer to store your images in various places and back those babies up. I bet you’re thinking why? Isn’t two places enough? And I’m sorry to say, absolutely not. What you have to ask yourself is “What if?”, depressing to think of the what-ifs but, what if you have a house fire or a burglary and you lost everything you owned? Oh god I, ’m sorry. That really is depressing to read but it could be reality. So what should you do?;

a. Put metal bars on your house
b. Get CCTV
c. Switch off every plug, blow out those candles, and wax melts. 

or do the simple thing and back up those images.

-Using online storage is easy, fast, and sometimes free. A lot of providers allow storage, Amazon photos, Google Drive, Dropbox, one drive or iCloud, etc. These handy online programs are everywhere.

-You can buy external storage for your laptops and computers (however, these can be expensive).

-Why not decorate your home with frames and print out your images and make multiple copies, and you can also use these as gift ideas too.

-You can make multiple USB copies from the original USB stick and store them in different places or give them to a family member for safekeeping.

-Purchasing an album is another way to store your wonderful memories.

-If you prefer the online approach instead of an album, then have a look into a gallery called “PASS” it’s free and most beginner photographers use this handy software.

-Are you a social media person? Why not upload your images to Facebook and set the album to private. 

I have listed at least 7 ways to back up your images. I hope this blog has helped you because you just never know what will happen in life and pictures are our key to the past, after all, so treasure them and protect your memories. If you have any issues with the USB stick, then do not hesitate to contact me. If it asks to be formatted, then press no and contact me. If you format, you will lose all the data.



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