Do you feel overwhelmed with searching for a wedding photographer? Well, I feel you! I even get stressed looking at the vast amount of suppliers. So I’ve put together a list of questions and things to consider and look out for when doing your wedding research and planning.

Every couple has their budget, but don’t be put off when you hear ‘never go for cheap, because cheap doesn’t always mean bad quality. Although I have heard some horror stories, and that’s why I’ve written everything down I know to help you find a photographer that is the right fit for you.

And seeing wedding photographers advertising their services cheaper than photographers that have been in the industry for 5+ years, does not mean they’re not capable. It can be as simple as they’re just starting out and they’re building their portfolio, so never be put off by cheap prices and get to know their story, and look at their growing portfolio and follow their business journey, as every talented newbie has to start from somewhere in the wedding industry. Nevertheless, if you’re struggling with finding a photographer to fit your budget, just ask them because most photographers are flexible within reason and want to serve you and suit your needs. Wedding photographers can be priced from £500-£4,900 depending on their experience, packages on offer, and length of time in business, with this in mind what is your budget?

When starting your search always look locally, this can save you mileage charges or hotel costs from the photographer in some cases, but you’ll be presently surprised what talent is on your doorstep, and supporting small local businesses is just as important nowadays, especially as some have been swiped out by COVID.

Once you find a photographer it’s worth asking if they charge mileage, as every photographer’s business services differ. I personally don’t charge for mileage.

Depending on your wedding venue location, it is always worth asking if the photographer will travel within the UK, as some photographers are only religion-based. However, I, on the other hand, love a good old road trip with snacks, and I full-on own car karaoke while traveling countrywide for weddings.

Let’s talk about jetting off on a plane to have your wedding aboard. Firstly I am super stoked for you and jealous of course but aim to search for destination wedding photographers as they specialise in this field and it is 100% worth investing in them due to their experience and amazingness. It is always worth taking this into consideration when searching if you’re going to be UK-based or jumping on a plane and most importantly make sure your chosen wedding photographer offers these services. 

Now when photographers talk about ‘do you like their style?’ It basically means do you like the way the images are edited, because this will be the end product delivered to you. Sounds simple right? But it’s like being in a candy store when you were a kid and only having to pick one sweet. You don’t know what you like, right! Well, let’s break this down for you.

A few simple questions to ask yourself

-Does the editing style match your wedding theme? Boho, warm, dark, vintage, white&clean, or colourful?

-Do you like how they composition the images? For example, if you hate images being taken from the ground upwards because it does nothing for your figure and the photographer you’re looking at loves capturing the sky from the ground. Is this a good fit for you?
It is vital you understand at the beginning, that the photographer’s images on their social media, website and portfolios will be the end product delivered to you.

Finally, let’s dive into what materials the photographer offers with different investments, and these can range from wedding albums, USB sticks, photo boxes to a client online gallery. 

When it comes to wedding albums, I am a strong believer they’re totally worth every penny, just having an item beautifully put together to cherish for many years is such a lovely way to store memories. I am totally a photo geek and actually have albums full of images taken with a disposable camera ( when they were popular) from when I was little during middle school trips right through to my first girls holiday. I just love opening those dusty old albums up and having a good laugh reminiscing with my dear family and friends.

Nowadays though the internet has changed the world and its fast-moving, we’re so used to everything at our fingertips. And that is why the client online galleries are so popular. I use pictime for my business and highly rate them as clients can download images I’ve uploaded from a desktop, print in any size, or share on social media and this is happening all from one site. It’s fantastic, everything you need in a click.

So to summarise hire me!!!

I’m kidding, I do hope this has helped you in your search for a wedding photographer.

Virtual hugs and high-fives.



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